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Top leadership audiences are likely used to hearing the standard pitch about what a keynote session will bring: inspiration. Insights. Actionable takeaways. New networking opportunities. These are all good qualities for a keynote … great, even.

However, to make an event a transformational experience—one that association executives and top leaders talk about, budget for, and recommend to colleagues—you need a keynote speaker that turns conventional wisdom on its side to change the way audiences think, feel, and act. Your event needs a keynote speaker that not only inspires leaders in the moment and shares insights, but also sheds new light on the path toward significant, visionary next steps … and has the experience and wit, to boot.

As a strategic growth advisor with 20+ years of experience enabling visionary executives to accelerate innovation, transformation, and business growth, Pam Harper is your keynoter.

Pam provides a bridge between the pragmatic information that serves leaders well and the additional intellectual savvy necessary to cement visionary legacies … legacies that have the potential to be in history books.

“Pam is a great story teller. Her ability to engage a
sophisticated audience such as ours in a story
of leadership transformation and growth was
highly impactful.
I especially appreciated her Q&A session to
help us get the most out of her keynote.”


Break Orbit: How Growth Igniters® Lead For Tomorrow, Starting Today

Your audience has heard many tips in the past; as heavy-hitting organizational leaders, they already utilize roadmaps and strategies. They’ve landed in pitfalls and climbed uphill. And, through it all, they bring revenue and success to their companies that most can only dream of.

And now, a bigger dream is starting to form.

Visionary leaders are used to taking risks to adapt and respond to the many changes that are coming at them. Now, they are challenged to keep making big things happen.

They feel the pressure to move at warp speed to stay on top, even as there are no clear signposts for the way ahead.

However, in the face of ambiguity, the people your audience counts on to keep bringing these opportunities to life may be responding in curious ways, such as: unexpected resistance, avoiding elephants in the room, and mysteriously low morale. These disconnects could be disastrous, when the vision should be inspirational to the C-Suite, employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Keynote speaker Pam Harper calls great, visionary leaders who transcend these challenges Growth Igniters®.

They recognize and embrace the leadership paradoxes that can naturally emerge in uncharted territory. This Growth Igniters® mindset enables them to keep leading for game-changing growth that can create a lasting legacy for a better world.

Pam shares transformational stories drawn from her deep experience advising top leaders of fast-growth companies from start-up to mid-market to Fortune 500 corporations. Explore the secrets of continuously igniting game-changing growth when the pressure is on: where leaders become Growth Igniters® by leading for tomorrow, starting today.

By the end of this keynote, your audience will:

  • Discover how the hidden side of culture can block or accelerate successful transformation
  • Explore how contradictions can be the best thing that will ever happen to an organization
  • Gain insights on recognizing and leading through the 3 Growth Igniters® Paradoxes that can naturally emerge in the face of ambiguity

Discover The Secret Of
Growth Igniters®

Great news

Virtual Speaking Available

Pam’s keynote can be delivered in-person or online. Ideal for
executive conferences and C-Suite retreats.

“Like an ace traffic reporter, Pam will warn you about the organizational snarls that may lie ahead and help you plan any necessary detours.”

Alexandra R. Lajoux

Chief Knowledge Officer Emeritus, National Association of
Corporate Directors Author, The Art of M & Integration

About Pam

Pam Harper is a keynote speaker and Founding Partner & CEO of Business Advancement Inc., a strategic growth advisory firm.

Pam Harper is an internationally known keynote and TEDx speaker and Founding Partner & CEO of Business Advancement Inc., a strategic growth advisory firm, based in the New York City metro area.  She is a trusted resource for CEOs, boards, and C-suite executives in entrepreneurial, mid-market, and Fortune 500 companies across more than 30 industries. Because of her track record of helping clients find the hidden opportunities in their situations and turning them into game-changing business growth, Pam’s insights have been featured in numerous global media including Business Week, Investor’s Business Daily, and Entrepreneur. You may have seen her articles if you read Chief Executive Magazine, Pharmaceutical Executive, Life Science Leader, or FEI Daily. among others. She also hosts the widely praised podcast series Growth Igniters® Radio, launched in 2015. it has been featured in Marketplace, Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch, and other media, and was named a Top Business Podcast in the 2022 PopCon Podcast Awards and as a Top 100 podcast by Thinkers360 Thought Leaders. Her critically acclaimed book, Preventing Strategic Gridlock®, has been read in universities around the world.

“An engaging and energetic speaker who provides top leaders with valuable insights for lasting impact.”

Angie Katselianos

President and CEO, Platinum Performance International LLC

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